Occasionally, I will conduct what I call "Mini-Lessons" in my Elementary School Counseling program.  These lessons typically last only about 20 minutes (all of my regular lessons are 45 minutes in length) and surround a special-interest topic.  Some mini-lessons I've conducted include:

  • Meet the Counselor: I do a "Meet the Counselor Week" at the beginning of each year and go into each classroom to introduce/re-introduce myself and do an activity that goes over my role.  I highlighted this in my Instagram Stories during last year's week, if you'd like more details on what exactly I do.
  • Hygenine and Hand Washing: During one particular high flu season I was doing a lesson in a classroom where I witnessed two different students pick their nose and eat the boogers AND a third student lick the bottom of his shoe.  I decided I needed to do an entire lesson on proper hand washing.

  • Kindergarten Social Skills: I've used this packet for mini-lessons as well as Small Groups and to review with the whole group prior to a classroom lesson. 

  • Seasonal Mini-Lessons: These follow a specific topic during a particular time of the school year.  For example, I feel like a self-esteem lesson is usually something that my students benefit from around Valentine's Day and friendship skills could always use some help right around St. Patrick's Day.

  • Grab and Go Lessons: I also have lessons on a variety of topics that are ready to go at any given moment -- on topics such as "tattling," "expressing your feelings," and "conflict resolution."  I call these "Grab and Go Lessons."  You can find them all in a discounted bundle HERE

Do you do mini-lessons in your Counseling program?  What topics have you covered before?

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